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A general description of this ministry

Levi Tebo Mbah started MINTS in Cameroon in 2004 to teach pastors and church leaders who had little or no theological education. The MINTS model of schools without walls and the flexibility of the program made it cost effective to meet the needs of pastors who will not otherwise be able to attend any theological school due to financial constraints and the need to relocate to study. The MINTS program has three study centers running now in Cameroon in Bamenda, Tombel and Ngusi; more study centers will be coming up in Douala and Yaoundé.

There have been many difficulties in opening centers since we concentrated our efforts in rural areas that have not been severely touched by the prosperity gospel, to prevent the penetration of such false gospel from the cities into the rural communities. Most of our students lack the financial capability to fully take the program which leads to brakes in their study. It is our wish to support students with their study materials and have teachers sent to study centers to teach on monthly bases. The cost of transportation for teachers and that of course materials turn to make the program financially stressful.

Estimate of costs for transportation to centers 

Transportation will cost $80 a month and $960 a year

Estimate of costs of providing course materials

It cost $80 to provide a complete set of 10 courses per year per student. From our experience we get about 20 students who will not take the program because of lack of such funds. With this we can provide scholarships to 20 students a year making a total of $1,600 a year

Estimate of personal support needed

Being fully involved in the ministry as a teacher some personal support of about $200 per month for the year will help me in taking care of my family. This will bring a yearly support of $2,400.

Thank you and blessings in Christ,

Suggested Donations

Give a scholarship to a needy Pastor to take one mints course $80 Donate
Help provide two months traveling expenses to oversee a MINTS Study Center $160 Donate
Help provide monthly support in providing for family needs $200 Donate

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