Jose Aristides, Portuguese Coordinator

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We have continued to work on several fronts such as: editing the translation of courses, teaching classes, creating new curriculum and meeting with our coordinators.


It always inspires me to visit Guinea Bissau. Being received by my African brothers always motivates me to thank God for them. They always demonstrate a good will and joy to receive those of us who go to teach them.

On my last trip to Canchungo, we met with 12 students. We spent two weeks of in-depth studies on expository preaching. I used as my text the book, “Christ-Centered Preaching” by Bryan Chapell.

Financial Needs and prayer concerns:

1.     Bible in the vernacular. 15% speak Portuguese the majority speak Crioulo.

2.     Theological books in Crioulo. There are no good theological books in Crioulo. Funds raised will also be used for the translation of MINTS courses to Crioulo so the students can read them with greater facility. And with God’s blessing over this project, after a few years we can translate some strategic books for the Crioulo speakers.

3.     Learning the language. Their language is similar to Portuguese. In fact, it was because the African Guineans tried to communicate with the Portuguese that they created a trade language, since it was a Portuguese colony. I’m trying to learn it, so I can teach in Crioulo.


In Brazil everything is growing relatively well. In this last year we had several centers closing with a considerable decline in the number of students.

At the same time, we have four students in the last phases of concluding their courses. They are also writing their commentaries on Colossians, 2 Peter, Obadiah, and other books of the Bible.

We are very encouraged with these Brothers as we seek ways to help them in the writings of their projects and the formatting to meet the requirements of Miami International Seminary. We are also pursuing a partnership with two Reformed institutions in the southeast and northern regions of our country.


In February of this year we were contacted by a brother in Angola who is asking us to start a MINTS program in Angola. We have talked by Facebook phone. He informs me that he has 30 students desiring to learn. His name is Lovualo Onésimo.

I already sent him MINTS materials in Portuguese for him to send to other Brothers who have this desire to know more about MINTS. Funds raised will be used for my travel from Brazil to Africa.  


My wife and I are praying about moving our residency to Portugal.  Our desire and challenge is to live closer to Africa to give better attention to Guinea Bissau where we have a MINTS center. But we also want to start MINTS in the countries that speak Portuguese where we don’t have study centers. The examples we have are Cabo Verde, Angola, Mozambique and Portugal.

We ask you to join with us in prayer and support our ministry with MINTS.


José Aristides dos Santos Filho

Associate Regional Dean for the Portuguese language countries

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Update from 6/11/2018

The challenge to answer the call from Angola, Mozambique, Malawi, Guinea Bissau and Cabo Verde continues to grow. The challenge to reach these people with Reformed Biblical training is great.

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