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MINTS works in theological training in more than 77 countries and they all need church buildings. So why concentrate on Haiti? Due to the devastation of the 2010 earthquake and the ongoing natural disasters of seasonal hurricanes and flooding, there is a desperate need to build meeting places. Of the 124 congregations of the Reformed Church in Haiti, more than 50 need a chapel. I have preached under palm trees leaves but thankfully that place now has a chapel! (Parotti).


MINTS cooperates with Dony St. Germaine of El Shaddai Ministries International (ESMI) to train Haitian pastors and Christian leaders and make sure they have buildings for the congregations. It takes about $10,000 to help the local Christians construct their chapel. If you would like to make sure the building has a cement roof, add $3,000 to that total.


So far, MINTS related chapels have been built in Parotti, Roseaux, Burote, Speback and Gonaive. We are trying to get more than 50 buildings up. They need to be strong enough to resist the next hurricane. They must be big enough to host more than 100 congregants. It must be diverse enough to house youth meetings, Sunday school, Vacation Bible school, women’s society, men’s society and above all, worship services. And when the hurricane winds blow, may it become a center of refuge.


Thank-you for your consideration for the advancement of the gospel in Haiti.


Dr. Cornelius (Neal) Hegeman




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